Top tips on winning student life!

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Gather round the heart of the home, as we’ve collected some of the best student life advice to help you thrive during your studies.

Whether it’s your first time away or you’re a seasoned student, we’ve got top tips ranging from making friends, budgeting and staying healthy, or just plain winning your student life.

Deposits | Gloucester student houses

What's the deal with deposits?

As the season roles round and student houses start to get booked for the next academic year, make sure you know what’s what with deposits. Check out our handy guide that gives you all the info you need!

Tenacy agreements | Gloucester student houses

What's the deal with tenancy agreements?

Confused at what a tenancy agreement is? Finding it hard to understand the jargon in your contract? Take a quick read of our easy overview tenancy agreements, and why they’re needed. Knowledge is power!

Kitchen table | Gloucester student houses

What's the deal with student support?

There’s a wide range of mental health support available to you throughout your academic lifetime, no matter how big or small you feel the matter is. Check out our guide as to what support is available to you.

Do I need a parking permit?

Are you confused whether you need a parking permit to park outside your student accommodation? You can find all the info you need here, including how to apply for a permit if you need one.

What career should I do?


We love this post on how to make the most of your uni experiences for career success. Make yourself as employable as possible after university with these 6 steps.


Damp or condensation?

Are you worried that your room is damp? We get a lot of queries about this and often it’s a condensation problem which has some simple fixes. Click the below link for some simple solutions!


Are you getting confused or concerned about student finance? Wondering how much tuition fees are and how you’re going to pay for them? This really handy short video from Student Finance England helps you sort out your student finance in three easy and clear steps.


We just love this short and simple video from the National Student Union outlining some of the main rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, as well as what to do if you face some common problems while renting.

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