What’s the deal with moving out?

Whether you are moving on from university to the next big adventure, or moving into either your first or a different student home, moving can be a right hassle.


So, what’s the deal with moving out? Read on to find some handy tips to help you move out of your accommodation at the end of the term.


First of all, make sure the final rent is paid on time! Deposits are processed after the end of your lease, and deductions can be made for rent arrears.

Deposits can also be deducted for not cleaning the property to a high enough standard. Make sure to give the whole property and any communal areas a thorough deep clean. If you share this job with all your flatmates and it can be done in no time at all. This includes hoovering out all the bits in the drawers in your bedroom and cupboards, wiping the dust off your skirting board, getting rid of those pesky spider webs, and cleaning under your bed.

Take photos of how you’ve left the home and send them to us, if you like. If there are any damages, be upfront about them – it’s more likely that you’ll come to an amicable agreement with your landlord, which can hasten the pace of the release of your deposit.


If the bills are in your name, make sure to cancel any payments in your name.


Change your address so that you’re correctly registered, this will help prevent any nasty bill surprises in the future. It’s also a good idea to get contact details for all your flatmates in case anything crops up that needs dealing with by everyone, and not just the unlucky lead tenant!


You can go all Marie Kondo and find that inner peace by decluttering and getting rid of unwanted belongings.


You can do this by re-using, recycling or donating. Be kind to the planet to make sure you dispose of your items responsibly – you can even take a fun trip to Gloucester’s Household Recycling Centre and find that re-cycling spiritual calm. If you’re up for it, you can even make some extra cash by selling any unwanted items on eBay, Vinted or Gumtree.

Store anything that won’t be needed for a while and keep it boxed up separately. Label everything and wrap breakables carefully (we love the old bubble wrap).

On the last day grab a bag for essentials including wash kit, change of clothes, money, electrics and travel necessities. Make sure you’re out of the property at the agreed time and ensure all keys are returned.

All the landlords we know hate having to deduct deposits (honestly, they do), so make sure you’re aware what can cause a deduction. Essentially, it’s breaking any clause on your lease (read you lease! Or check out our handy deposit guide), and includes things such as not cleaning properly, not giving back all the keys, leaving belongings behind, not removing rubbish, damage to the property, rent arrears or going over your capped budget on bills, plus some other bits and bobs. Make sure everything is in order before your moving out date.

For more help please contact us at enquiries@glsh.co.uk or visit Citizens Advice.

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