What’s the deal with checking out?

The end of the academic year is fast approaching and summer beckons …. But before you move out of your student accommodation in Gloucester, take a look at our handy guide to checking out.


 How to check out of your student accommodation:


  • Remember to take all your belongings – check all of the cupboards/drawers/rooms and under your bed
  • Return all keys by leaving them in your unlocked room
  • Make sure rent is up to date for all tenants
  • Clean the house thoroughly including dusting skirting boards, cleaning internal windows, cleaning inside drawers and hoovering – even under the bed!


Deductions to student house deposits can be made by:


  • Not cleaning the house thoroughly (don’t forget this includes dusting skirting boards, cleaning under sofa covers, hoovering under your bed, cleaning internal windows and cleaning drawers)
  • Has everyone paid all the rent owed? One of the biggest factors for deposit deductions in student housing are rent arrears
  • Deductions can also be made for going over the spend cap on bills
  • Remove all your belongings – charges will be made for removal if anything is left behind
  • Not returning all the keys
  • Damages to carpets, furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • A break of any clause in the lease


Deposit returns:


  • End of tenancy inspections will be held after the end of the tenancy
  • After the inspections, deposits will be released with any necessary deductions
  • Deposit deductions and returns are the responsibility of the landlord, not Gloucester Student Houses
  • A member of the Gloucester Student Houses team will ask for bank details of the lead tenant so that deposits can be returned by the landlord


We hope you’ve enjoyed your time in our fabulous student houses in Gloucester.  If you have any questions regarding your tenancy or deposits then please call us on 07791 248744 or email enquiries@glsh.co.uk 

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